Who are we?

We are the channel that connects creative Guatemalan entrepreneurs who seek to be an agent of positive change for the country through the manufacture of unique and original products with potential customers around the world in a fast, cost effective and efficient way.

MayanFul was born in response to the need presented by many entrepreneurs and small companies who want to expand their businesses and sell internationally. Since Guatemala does not have a reliable mailing service and with only private companies operating at really expensive prices, growth and expansion of these small businesses are limited.

That’s why we’ve decided to create the first and only eCommerce platform for 100% Guatemalan crafted products with Fulfillment services in the U.S Miami, FL. Guatemalan entrepreneurs partnering with MayanFul can now compete with larger companies facilitating the purchase and sale of our products.

The Mission

Internationalize Guatemalan commerce and increase the competitiveness of small businesses and entrepreneurs by facilitating the sale of their products through a service of storage, packaging, and shipping merchandise at an affordable price in a quickly and effective way.

The Vision

Break the digital and commercial gap between Guatemala and the world by facilitating the sale and purchase of Guatemalan products worldwide, therefore making exportations grow while improving local economy with increased purchases made abroad.

Benefits of selling with MayanFul

  • Expand your market and sell internationally at competitive prices.
  • Access and availability for you and your customers of a high-level e-commerce platform without the concerns of design and maintenance.
  • We’ve contracted local and global export companies to provide the best market freight price.
  • Export tax exempt thanks to the Freel Trade Agreement between United States and Guatemla, 100% Guatemalan products do not pay taxes when entering the North American market.
  • Have the support of MayanFul USA as a US company in order to publicize your products worldwide in a reliable and safe way.
  • We offer you direct contact with your client’s.

Requirements to sell with Mayanful

  • Commercial patent
  • DPI, Personal Identity Card or Passport
  • RTU- associated to your commercial activity
  • Company invoices
  • SIGNING OF distribution CONTRACT (3 months)

Services included with your monthly payment

  • Inventorying of your products in our facilities in Guatemala.
  • Exports paperwork Guatemala-Miami, FL.
  • Storage consisting of 1 square meter in Miami, FL.> Cost per additional meter $20.00
  • Imports paperwork in Miami, FL.
  • Unpacking and inventory of merchandise in our offices Mayanful Guatemala.
  • Online visualization of stored inventory.
  • Sales notifications.
  • Automated graphical sales updated daily with statistics.
  • Order fulfillment according with your brands packaging within 48 hours.
  • Monthly deposits of completed sales automatically sent to your account.
  • Customer service via email or phone for vendor and consumer.
  • Reception and handling of changes and returns.

Additional costs

  • Payment of custom duties are subject to change, the total cost will be divided between all companies exporting together.
  • Proportional payment of freight via Guatemala-Miami, broker and transportation from the airport to our warehouse.

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